Dinner Box

Staying in tonight?

Dinner Box

As a B&B we offer Beds and Breakfasts but we don't have a restaurant service for lunch or dinner. Anyway, we have design our own "lunch-dinner" option that our guests have been enjoying for the last years.

The Dinner Box is a box that you can always find ready in our dinning room with cutlery, napkins, plates and everything you need to enjoy a meal. In the pink living room fridge you will find fresh prepared assortments of Iberian cold sausages, cheeses or fishes. You can take whatever you prefer, a bottle of wine or cava from the region and have your meal in our garden or in the dining room.

If you want, you can also have fresh baked bread and tomatoes to prepare the typical Catalan pa amb tomàquet. You just have to order it before 11am and we will leave it ready in your box with your name.

Value 110€.

1 night for 2 people.

A snowy weekend?

Value €250

2 nights for 2 people.

A little bit of warm?

Value €400

3 nights for 2 people.

After skiing, a good cosy nest!

How to have a Dinner Box meal

Step 1

Order the bread

Order your fresh baked bread before 11am.

Step 2

Take a Box

if you have ordered bread, there will be a box with your name on it and the bread inside

Step 3

Choose your food

Choose the assortments that you like from the pink fridge. 

Step 4

Take drinks and glasses

You can choose any wine from our shop or from the shop fridge and you also have beer and soft drinks available.

Step 5


Enjoy your meal in the garden or dining room.

Step 6

Write down

Write down in the Bar notebook (at the dinner box cabinet) the products that you have taken.

Our Dinner Box products

Bread with tomatoes
6 €
Assorted Iberian Cold Sausages
11 €
Assorted Cheeses
12 €
Assorted Fishes
13 €